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UMEX organized the bus trip to Aizu-Wakamatsu on March 27m 2004. 33 people participated in this trip.

Here is a brief itinerary - 7:00 Leave IUJ -- Koide IC -- 8:20 Kurosaki PA -- Aizu IC -- 10:05-10:45 Oyakuenn -- 11:00-13:00 Tsurugajo Castle (Look on the inside of a castle, Byakkotai museum and Lunch) -- 13:25-14:15 Iimoriyama Hill (Walk around the hill) -- 14:35-15:15 Ryumonyaki (Japanese potter) factory -- Aizu IC -- 16:35-16:50 Aganogawa SA -- 18:10-18:25 Echigo-Kawaguchi SA --Koide IC -- 19:00 Arrive at IUJ

Ms. Aigul Berdigulova (Kyrgyz)
I have always known Japanese culture is a very interesting thing to learn. However, it was for the first time this learning came in one package with fun, thanks to UMEX-organized trip to AW.

Ancient castle, legends, weaponry, beautiful clothes and seamless presence of samurai spirit took us back in Japan's feral, yet epic past where the best of the qualities were loyalty to your master, ability to use the sword and dedication to you community. That all we, the grateful attendees, were able to receive in a friendly environment of culturally diverse group of people that was constituted from representatives of at least 15 nations, including Japan.

In fact, that was the best part of the trip: communication with people who you would not meet otherwise in a non-academic or professional environment. With great pleasure, I recall our conversations with the Japanese that went on throughout the trip, enriching me with greater understanding of the unique culture of Japan. Briefly speaking: I enjoyed and learnt at the same time.

Here a few words must be said to acknowledge the initiative of UMEX members, namely Takeda-san in organizing this wonderful event. I am grateful for hard work and interpretation from Japanese into English throughout the trip which I know is a very hard thing to do.

I am looking forward to participating in similar events organized by UMEX.

Ms. Yulia Limanova (Russia)
This spring I joined a trip to Aizu-Wakamatsu organized by UMEX. It was indeed very interesting trip which showed us history and beauty of this country. Every stop: park, Byakotay castle, tomb hill, museum , pottery factory were very attractive in its own way.

Park amazed me by the beauty of silence. Pond with golden fish and island in the middle, house at the island, trees were in its proper place creating the picture of calmness and cosiness. The garden was full of spiritual substance and energy that transferred to all people who were there.

Byakotai castle is the huge ancient building, where we get to know the interesting story of Byakotai group samurais. In the castle and museum located at the bottom of tomb hill we saw the exposition of items of ancient Japan and items (clothes, decorations and weapons) belonged to those samurais.

At the pottery factory we saw the way of producing pottery goods, which we use in every day life: cups, plates, vases. Extraordinary vases, two spout pots, cups of huge sizes and pottery pictures attracted everybody's attention.

I am very grateful to UMEX for organizing this trip which showed us the small part of history and culture of Japan. Also I want to thank the tourist company who made the long way to Aizu-Wakamatsu joyful and interesting.

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