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<< Ski Trip in Echigo-Yuzawa >>

Mr. Manindra Kumar
(MBA 1st Year, India)
When at first we got the email that a very nice lady from UUMEX want us to have with her and her family for one full day in Yuzawa where Mrs. Takanami's husband (Sensei) will instruct us in skiing, it was like God send gift for all of us. I clearly remember myself and my friend were sitting here in computer room at that time and we immediately went near to the bulletin board and signed for the event. In fact we were the first to do that. First it was scheduled on 27th of Dec '04. But we had not got much snow till that time so it was rescheduled on 3rd Jan '05.

Finally the day arrived. We all were waiting for this day very eagerly. Sharp at 8 AM Sensei son & daughter have come to pick us from the campus. We went there with one of our own ski expert Kurachi-san. It was nice traveling between snow laden streets for almost an hour. When we reached sensei's home it was decided to first take our ski-gear from a rental shop. After that we just put on in our ski-gear and started for the adventure.

Sensei has first started the session with some stretching exercises. After that he showed us some very basic steps on a less slope area. We were practicing ski first with ski board in one leg only. As we get better with that after 2-3 rounds we started with both ski-boards on. By the time lunch-time had been announced after so many falls we were able to do something. Then we proceeded for our lunch. After lunch we started with the lift and from the high reaches. It was real fun, no matter how many times we fell down but we keep on insisting for more. The style of instruction of the sensei and their family was so good that I can promise you within 2 days you can be a good skier. When Sensei's daughter started teaching me by holding both of my ski-boards at the front and going downhill backwards, it was truly amazing to see how good a skier she was. I hope one day I can be like her, hahaha!

Finally, sun started setting and we had to proceed for our journey back home. But there were more surprises out there. The Oishi snacks and ocha (tea) at sensei's home and after that, Onsen. It was my first experience in a public bath and my god what a great experience it was. After that sensei's son had dropped us here in IUJ. It was a day full of fun, adventure and surprises that we will never forget in our life. Thank you very much Umex! Thank you very much Sensei! We will never forget you.
(Left is Mr. Manindra who contributed this article.)

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