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<< TUSO (Tsunami UONUMA Support Organization): Report #3>>

TUSO (Tsunami UONUMA Support Organization) had a meeting at UMEX salon with the students of the four Tsunami affected countries on June 17, 2005, decided how to use the donations, and discussed its future activities.

Firstly, it was reported by Mr. Kubota of TUSO representative that the earnings after expenses of the charity concert on April 23 amounted to 1,015,386 yen and TUSO donated 200,000 yen out of it to Minami-Uonuma City as "money gift as a token of sympathy to the people stricken by Chuetsu Earthquakeh.

The total amount of the contributions available for the four countries has reached 1,174,218 yen, including the balance of 815,386 yen of the charity concert of April 23 and 358,832 yen collected by TUSO (UMEX) since last February.

Secondly, it was approved unanimously that TUSO distributes 293,000 yen of the contribution to each country equally for the activities in the affected areas during the coming summer. The balance of 2,218 yen is kept by TUSO till new project starts.

Lastly, it was confirmed that future TUSO projects would be determined in view of the reports of the students to TUSO and the situation of the affected areas after a new academic year starts at IUJ in October 2005.

The following activity plan was approved for each country at the meeting:

(1) Sri Lanka
Mr. Danura used 130,000 yen for a kindergarten of the affected area in Sri Lanka when he returned to Sri Lanka during the spring break in March 2005. The details were reported at the charity concert on April 23, 2005

The remaining balance of 163,000 yen is trusted to Ms. Udayangani. She will determine how to use it based on the actual needs of the spot.

(2) Indonesia
Mr. Heru, a graduate of June 2005, is responsible for the Indonesian project. He will determine the contents of the project based on needs at the spot as soon as he returns to Indonesia.

(3) Thailand
One project, to give the scholarship of the monthly amount of 3,000 yen for one year to five students of an elementary school of Phuket, had already started. It enables those students to continue their study.

Ms. Oranoot, a graduate of June 2005, is responsible for the Thai project and will determine how to use the balance of 103,000 yen after returning home at the beginning of July. She will find most effective support activities after consulting with the people in the affected area.

(4) India
Mr. Bhargav is responsible for the project of India and will implement support activities in India.

The activity reports of the four countries will be submitted to TUSO by the end of September. They will be placed on the UMEX homepage at at the beginning of October 2005.

Thank you for your cooperation and contribution.

Toyomasa Kubota
Representative of TUSO

<< TUSO (Tsunami UONUMA Support Organization): Report #2 >> >

Impression Regarding Charity Concerts

Natural disaster is something we cannot expect or forecast precisely when it will occur. As with the humanitarian assistance that will surely come even though we are not expecting; it comes overwhelmingly from people all around the world to those suffering victims.

The first time I heard that UMEX was planning to arrange activities to help people in four affected countries; the generosity of local people in this area came to my surprise. They are the people who just suffered from the big earthquake but they still think of other people suffering in different corners of the world. All the staff in UMEX have been working so hard to raise funds, tirelessly only to help their unlucky counterparts in those countries.
Every activity that UMEX comes up with reflects their sincerity and aspiration in helping Tsunami victims. We organized two charity concerts and the results were extremely successful. Both IUJ students and distinguished guests contributed actively to the shows and loads of people attended the concerts. We raised a significant amount of funds which will be used for the purpose of relief aid.

UMEX is not a huge or powerful organization but it overwhelmingly succeeds in arranging charity concerts because all the staff and IUJ students were worked together as a single unit. Countless thanks from me go to dedicated UMEX staff who sacrificed their free time to realize the concerts. Many thanks are also given to IUJ students and honored guests who created those marvelous performances.

All the wholehearted support from everybody reminded me that whenever we are in distress, there are always other people who are willing to pull us out of it. For every time you cry, there is always someone nearby to blot your tears.

Oranoot Withitwinyuchon

Thanks to all !

At the second TUSO charity concert on April 23, 2005, many IUJ students cooperated with TUSO and UMEX in stage performance or a backstage.

Dynamic dance by KONISHIKI Indian dance by Ms Aditi
"Welcome!" IUJ students who greet participants at the hall entrance

Indonesian dance by Masta & Meidy IUJ Band "Sweet Heart"

<< TUSO (Tsunami UONUMA Support Organization): Report #1 >>

TUSO (Tsunami UONUMA Support Organization) * This name was proposed by Professor Jay Rajasekera. You are always welcome to TUSO. Please submi a TUSO registration form to the UMEX salon or email

The meeting to discuss how to support Tsunami Victims was held on February 5th, 2005 at the MLIC hall at International University of Japan (IUJ) with more than 60 people, including IUJ students, attended. Students from four countries, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand, reported the damage of their countries followed by the opening address of Mr. Yoshio Iguchi, a UMEX representative.

Thereafter, the participants were divided into six groups and exchanged their ideas about the possible supports for Tsunami victims. The following was confirmed by the participants:
1. TUSO was set up with the approval of all participants.
2. Mr. Toyomasa Kubota was selected as the representative of TUSO, and the members who participated in the TUSO meeting of February 5 were approved as the core members of TUSO.
3. The donation box for Tsunami victims is put on the counter of the OSS and also donations can be received through the following UMEX account of the Post Office.
Account Number: 00550-7-74672
Account Name: UONUMA Kokusai Koryu Kyokai (UMEX)
Total amount of donation as of February 5: 29,711 yen
4. The 1st term fund-raising campaign period continues until March 20, 2005. The fund collected in the 1st term will be brought to the children in the affected areas by students who will return to the affected areas during spring holiday. TUSO will consult with students from the affected areas separately about this matter.
5. TUSO plans to have a charity concert with IUJ students and people in UONUMA at the beginning of March and will have the 1st meeting at 19:00, February 9 at the UMEX salon. For those who are interested in the charity concert, please attend the meeting or contact Ms. Andrea at or Ms. Takeda at
6. Activity reports of TUSO will be put on the UMEX homepage at

Here are some impressive comments by participants at the meeting.
1. Long-term assistance is needed.
2. Most victims didn't have knowledge about "tsunami" and were traumatized during their first experience. Not only restoration of infrastructure but reconstruction of victims' life base is a big subject.
3. Supporting children who cannot express either the pain or sadness cannot utter a word have been overlooked. We have to pay the utmost attention to children.
4. Many of people in UONUMA do not know that there are students from the affected areas in IUJ. Therefore, TUSO activity allows the possibility to strengthen the relationship between IUJ and the community.

Any of your comments and suggestions on TUSO activities would be appreciated. Thank you,

P.S. We would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Saji, Mr. Kumagaya, Mr. Sigawara, Ms. Matsumoto, Mr. Kurachi, Mr. Sudo, Ms. Hirasawa, Ms. Nagumo, Mr. T. Nakajima, Mr. Hirota, Ms. Ode and Mr. Watanabe. They supported participants' communication as interpreters at the meeting.

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