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Report of the Year End Party
Samarth Rastogi (India)
It was the "Year End Party". The intent was to bring people together, to cherish few moments of happiness for the coming New Year. The day activities started with people joining in from varied age groups and cultures; making it a truly multicultural event. Takeda san addressed the group about the events, cuisine, and games that were to follow.

Every one was busy; the kids guided us on how to play "Karuta", and "Hanafuda" - the card games, and "HyakuNin Isshu"- one of the most challenging games for those with weak memory. And guess what, all these kids were the ones who won all the games. It was nice to see kids - overflowing with energy and enthusiasm.

Then came the time for Oishii dishes, for which every one was eagerly waiting. Obaachan led the preparation of "Mochi Tsuki". Most interesting part was to see each one of the men, women, children, enthusiastically jumping in to take turns hammering the already hot cooked rice on wooden equipment. Following it, was the time to start the feast with amazing menu for the lunch - "Chirashi Zushi", "Mochi", and "Zoni". The food was totemo oishii and kept the mouth watering, till the tummy was full to capacity.

UMEX involved us all in preparing "Shimenawa", symbol of prosperity and goodwill. This was time when one could see creativity really flowing in. Some displayed awesome artistry. But this was not enough.

Towards the end of the party we had an excellent display of Japanese Banjo and Japanese folk songs by Azagami san (Chief Editor -UMEX) and his companion friend Kanai Fujika san. Songs like "Nambu Tawara Tsumi Uta" and "Tanto Bushi", which are reminiscent of old folk songs, sung in northern part of Japan by farmers at the time of harvest, were sung. This marked the end of the party, with all people bidding good wishes and New Year greetings with each other.

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