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The first week has passed us all by and we have thoroughly enjoyed all of the excitement. Everyone at IUJ has been very kind, supportive, and most of all welcoming to all the new exchange students. Though the weather here at IUJ is very different from Florida, we have enjoyed the change (especially because we can play in the snow). Takeda-san has made our transition very easy and was kind enough to invite us to two events sponsored by UMEX.

On January 6th, we celebrated the reopening of the UMEX salon, as well as welcoming the exchange students. We were greeted by Takeda-san once we arrived and put on our nametags. We introduced ourselves to the regular members of UMEX, and then enjoyed socializing with our new friends. Amy-san made a new friend with Emi-san - they were an easy match, as their names sound very similar. Everyone was very kind and shared with us all the exciting events that occur in the Niigata prefecture.

Shinoda-san brought in her sake set and gave us all a taste of the sake. She carefully filled the cup three times, and then we turned the cup three times in our hands, and finally enjoyed the sake. Some of us were lucky enough to enjoy more than one serving! There was also a lot of food to enjoy, from chicken to sushi, as well as many sweets. Shinoda-san also prepared Japanese tea - - everyone enjoyed at least one taste.

Takeda-san notified us as to the many events that occur during the winter term here at IUJ. We are all looking forward to the snow festival where we will be entertained by performers and enjoy the magnificent ice sculptures.


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